By 2050, climate change could mean up to half the land used globally to grow coffee could be unusable.
We have rounded up the week's best news stories - from Tasmanian devils frolicking in the snow, to slack-lining superstars.
The 71-year-old's body was reportedly burned.
An orphaned spectacled bear was rescued in Peru, after locals reportedly killed his mother and left the 8-month old cub tied to a tree. The cub is receiving round-the clock care with local vets, to get him back to health.
Punk in Peru, rap in Korea? We reveal the types of music most revered on this planet.
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Do you need something life-affirming to bring sunshine and joy into your day?Look no further, for here's a video of 5,000 baby Taricaya turtles being released into protected rivers and lakes in Peru's Loreto region.
He has been identified as 51-year-old Oliver Park.
'I thought it sounded like a challenge and was blase about it'.
About 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights every year.