19/05/2016 12:32 BST

Peru Bullfighting Festival Toro Chutay Leaves Eight People Injured

About 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights every year.


Eight people have been injured on the first day of a controversial bullfighting festival in Peru

The popular Toro Chutay event in the South American country led to eight people being hurt on Wednesday.

Bullfighting remains legal in Peru and many other South American countries, despite it being banned in places such as the US, UK, Canada and Argentina.

Eight people were injured during the first day of the Toro Chutay bullfighting festival in Peru.

Peruvian health authorities were on alert at nearby clinics as injuries at the festival continue to rise each year.

Despite the injuries, the popular festival will continue as usual until the end of the week.

During the opening day of the event, horsemen pulled the bulls into the stadium with ropes attached to their horns. 

Onlookers then proceeded to taunt the animals.

The practice is condemned by animal welfare groups worldwide for being "cruel".

Humane Society International said that about 250,000 bulls are killed in bullfights every year.

HSI said: "The animals are stabbed multiple times before suffering slow, agonising deaths in front of an audience, including children.

"Animal cruelty is not entertainment."

The international animal protection group added: "These outdated spectacles perpetuate the idea that injuring and killing an animal for amusement is acceptable."

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