Novak Djokovic and His Backroom Team

Novak Djokovic and His Backroom Team

Now that the excitement of the Wimbledon fortnight is over and Novak Djokovic beat the seven-time winner Roger Federer, the players are able to examine the role their backroom team played in helping them achieve what they did on Centre Court.

When interviewed on the court by the BBC's Sue Barker after his 7-6 6-7 6-4 6-3 win in four sets, Djokovic said that he imagined he would be sharing a glass of wine or a beer with his coach, Boris Becker.

And after equalling Becker's three Wimbledon titles, he boasted that the former German champion no longer has the bragging rights over him.

Said Djokovic: "It's been a long run. Ever since we started working, obviously it took some time for us to understand each other - he is German, I am Serbian, so there is a significant difference there. But we managed to find the right chemistry and he has contributed a lot."

Perhaps the key words that stuck out for me in that brief interview were "difference" and "chemistry". After all, we are all different, but yet it's the chemistry that often binds people together in their differing relationships.

It must be hard for tennis fans and the general public to imagine precisely what the relationship between the German and the Serbian is like off the court, but obviously there have been tensions and tribulations.

But managing differences and working with those differences can often be the key to a successful relationship, whatever its nature, whether working on a tennis court, or whether a romantic liaison.

One commentator during the match remarked that Becker had missed the adrenalin rush of tennis, and this was one of the main reasons for wanting to coach Djokovic.

Nevertheless, it obviously comes at a price to his beauty sleep.

Explained Djokovic to reporters just the other day: "He`s going through the emotions with me like when he was playing. At least that`s what we talk about and that`s what he tells me.

"I can see that. There are times when he doesn`t sleep well before the big match, stuff like this.

"We don`t sleep together, so I heard that from him once, but I can`t say how many sleepless nights. You have to ask his wife!"

Becker has said that he decided to agree to coach Djokovic after witnessing the relationship between Ivan Lendl and Andy Murray.

"I was surprised," said Becker. "I didn't expect that phone call, but I was honoured for such a good player to call me and ask for my services. Whenever he played a tournament I was speaking to his agent about some of the things I wanted him to change, some of the strategies I wanted him to change." Becker has not coached regularly before at the highest level

Those who watched the finals from their television screens could feel the emotion that's involved, but at the end of the day, as Djokovic implied, without his backroom team - including his wife Jelena - he might not have achieved such dizzying heights in tennis championships.


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