21/11/2013 09:31 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

Russell We Love You BUT the Revolution Starts at the Ballot Box

Russell, I have tried to reach out to you quite simply to tell you that I agree with you! I especially liked the way you use humour, at Paxman's beards expense, whilst speaking about how you feel. I believe we share a common goal, a passion for fairness and equality where people are spoken with- not to. A country where we can share opinions, small or large, and most importantly know those opinions will mean something. We all like to laugh and the more we laugh with each other the more our relationships grow.

This is the first step to what is a long journey folks. Human behaviour has created a system that is not working well enough for the way the majority, if not all, (deep down) want to live. But forgetting those who have already fallen victim to a life without engagement. Those who have never had a single attempt at being taught how the country is run so they can play a role in it, and of course ensure it evolves at the same rate people and technology are evolving.

Lets go back to the start! We all want that right? I am sure many of you could tell me what's wrong today? Some may preach over a beer, others whilst at work or even round the dinner table. Many would like to, if the opportunity presented itself of course, and you didn't have anything more relevant to do, jump in a time machine and take back some knowledge to past generations to help them get things right. Sadly with this not being a feasible option, do we just act like it's impossible for anything to change? That the system is to blame and the only way we can get it right is revolution. Now!

I agree. I'm in. Where do I sign? Can I bring some ideas of my own to the first planning meeting for revolution? I prepared one for you, if I may.

Lets take a look at what could be achieved at School!

Start again there. Trust and empower young people to make it better. Let your local classroom be the place where this starts. I have the privilege of visiting many classrooms with Bite the Ballot, witnessing young people share their political views and opinions, with a crowd who also want to share their political views and opinions. How many of us had that at school?

This is not rocket science.

And it should not have taken Russell Brand to have the b#**@+ks to stand up and state his opinion, for this issue to finally be spoken about. Oh and whilst the majority if not all of those running the system, year after year, have failed to ever ensure everyone can play a role. Education begins to level the playing field and allows the opportunity for people to shape the decisions that affect their lives.

If the government isn't talking with the people because the people are not interested, or don't know what the government is, let alone who. Then why don't we educate and empower the people, when they are young and if we manage to inspire them they may actually want to register to vote as though it's a rite of passage.

There are not enough people involved in mass to actually prove to me, and I can only speak for myself, that this cannot be fixed if they got involved? By not getting involved, and waiting for your revolution; people, schools, train companies, landlords, energy companies, charities, councils, football teams and political parties become ruthless. Ruthless as in Victorian times when people, perceived to have more power, forced people in to their ideas, or run them out of town.

But lets not repeat history. In our everyday lives what do we do when we don't want things to repeat? If it's a song, we change it. So why can we not change the very same thing we are all complaining about, our lives. Our children's lives, our children's children's lives.

In a society driven by numbers and data why do people not believe numbers will make a difference at the ballot box? Would you play in a football team if only 2 players turned up on a weekend? If that continued to happen would you just lose interest? The outcome would be comparable to our current propped up democracy- the numbers are not turning up so we have a very poor chance of getting the result we are after.

So, I challenge you now. How do you know, until you've tried it?


Coming to a cinema near you.