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Last year two million millennials made their mark on the political scene… let’s do it again
"Most under-registered people are young people. We encourage them to register to vote because it is about their future".
He was joined by young and old, who wanted to get close to the newly-elected president.
With our message of hope for young people we are giving people clear reasons to register to vote before tonight's midnight deadline and to vote Labour on 8 June. Please spread the word on social media now about how people can register to vote and then spread the word about why Labour will give Britain's young people back control over their futures.
Moving house is stressful. First you have to find somewhere close enough to work, but cheap enough to afford, and then leap
It seems like the distant past now, but in the few weeks up to the registration deadline for the EU referendum, more than
As the deadline for registering ahead of the EU Referendum looms, we're kicking off another National Voter Registration Drive with HOPE not hate - bigger and better than any seen before. The referendum presents a generational issue, one that those currently unregistered or never presented with any type of meaningful engagement at school will live the longest with the decision of.
The way you vote is a matter of judgment: do you think that the UK is, on balance, better off outside the EU or in it? The more facts that are available to you, the more it will help you to make your decision. But if you do not register to vote you will not have your voice heard. And it is easy to register: there is a simple online form to complete. Why don't you fill it out right now?
We make up over half of the population - if we all voted, women could decide the next Government! But 34% of women did not turn out to vote at last year's election - and their voices went unheard... It is just as important that women have their say on the EU referendum coming up on 23rd June. It is the biggest decision our country has had to make in a generation and polling shows that up to a quarter of women are undecided about their vote, almost twice as many as men. Women could decide the result, but only if they are registered to vote.