22/12/2015 10:53 GMT | Updated 22/12/2016 05:12 GMT

15 Things All Vegans Know to Be True at Christmas

Every vegan knows there's more to the holidays than mulled wine, roasted chestnuts and high-street light displays. From meat-free centrepieces to faux-leather handbags, vegans have the holly-est, jolly-est Christmas around!

1. We celebrate peace and goodwill for all. Most turkeys raised for their flesh spend most of their lives packed by the thousands in windowless sheds, where they pass their days breathing in burning ammonia and wading through the muck of other birds. Christmastime is supposed to be joyful - so why celebrate it by eating a tortured animal?

2. Someone will inevitably ask you if you "cheat" by eating meat as part of your Christmas meal. Nope - the idea of consuming flesh, muscle and blood, not to mention cow secretions and chicken ovulations, sounds as gross at Christmas as it does at any other time of the year.

3. Our centrepiece isn't a rotting carcass. Homemade, healthy and humane - from a chestnut, orange and sage Wellington to root-vegetable fritters, there are endless plant-based recipes to suit all tastes and budgets. And slaving away in the kitchen all day is totally worth it when you hear, "I can't believe this is vegan!" from your non-vegan guests.

4. Plus, Tofurky and other mock-meats are really quite delicious. It couldn't be simpler to pop this vegan main in the oven, and it will put auntie's artery-clogging meat roast to shame.

5. Santa loves vegan treats. The man in red needn't skimp on biscuits this year, because Oreos are delightfully vegan. Pair the treats with a tall glass of soya milk to make sure Santa has a very happy Christmas.

6. And many mince pies are "accidentally" vegan, too. Waitrose's Essential Shortcrust Mince Pies are free from butter and eggs but full of flavour. And at only £1 for six, there will be more than enough to go around.

7. You can always rely on Bisto gravy. Bisto Gravy Original Granules are vegan, are easy to find and can be made quickly. Add a dash of red wine to make the gravy fancy-schmancy and really impress the fam.

8. We're in good company. From Liam Hemsworth to Paul McCartney, the list of stars who will be tucking into a meat-free Christmas dinner this year is growing by the minute.

9. We say, "Ho, ho, NO", to live-animal Christmas displays, because reindeer belong at the North Pole, not at a shopping centre.

10. Good vegan girls and boys receive the best toys. From Stella McCartney handbags to Adolfo Dominguez cocktail dresses, vegans on Santa's nice list are rewarded with the finest luxuries. (Hey, a girl can dream.)

11. No one likes a woolly bully. No, sheep used in the wool industry do not just "get a haircut". In fact, workers stamp on and kick sheep and break their necks while they're recklessly sheared. Good thing vegan wool jumpers are both awesome and readily available.

12. Gifts are a perfect opportunity to spread the vegan gospel. For stocking stuffers, look no further than Áine Carlin's Keep It Vegan cookbook or a copy of the groundbreaking documentary Blackfish.

13. As much as we love animals, we don't want one as a gift. Dogs, cats and other animals are living, feeling individuals who can require 15 years or more of care. They're not "gifts" to be bought on a whim, and they shouldn't be returned or "re-gifted" if they don't suit someone's fancy.

14. We make great guests. You can always count on vegans to bring a delicious dish (or two or three!) to share. A slice of a heavenly meringue-topped Christmas cake or gooey vegan brownies, anyone?

15. It's the most wonderful time of the year. From blowing everyone's mind with a delectable vegan feast to spreading cheer at one of the UK's top vegan-friendly pubs, a vegan Christmas is a happy, joyous affair.