30/09/2016 10:27 BST | Updated 01/10/2017 06:12 BST

Living At The Cause

What does it mean to live at the cause? This is somewhat of a spiritual topic, however hugely applicable for our daily lives and of living a life of health and happiness.

The gap in perspective of both cause and effect can in reality seem so small but at the same time it is huge, cause and effect are in fact one, both created in a cyclical effect as much of energy is. The main difference between them is where your focus is, of whether it exists in the present or in the future, if it is in the past you are also focused on effect. That's all it is, a change in perception, but that small change in perception can create massive differences for ourselves and others.

If you are an ambitious or success driven person as many of us are, then it is easy to become absorbed in the level of effect and therefore push and stretch yourself in the now to achieve where it is you want to be. This may seem perfectly fine but it is this space where fear, stress and worry often exist. Whereas when we are living at the cause, all that exists is peace and intention, intention is there but once focused on, it is let go of and the process is then in faith. To hold on to it is to force or control and therefore mistrust in yourself and the process and to then be out of alignment with the present moment.

Although this sounds deep, it is in fact a paradox because it is very simple when seen in the now, all that exists in the now is already here and available to us, we only have to set our intention and choose to focus on it. We do not hold on to the future because it is not here yet and where we exist is only in the now solely and completely. Only we choose where our focus goes and on which part of life we choose to allow it to, this is then what we experience.

The act of taking responsibility is another sole part of living at the cause because we are then choosing to live with complete awareness that 'I am living in the now and choosing which actions to take based on my intentions and my purpose, not with the past or the future'. You are the sole creator of your life and by living at the cause you are choosing to accept and acknowledge the power that exists within your life to live in this way. By looking to others to create our lives or blaming in anyway we are giving this power away, not just the power of where we are now but the power that exists within us to create positive outcomes.

The alternative looks more like this, 'If I am living at the effect I am relating to my environment as a separate entity to myself therefore I am reliant on it to provide me with what I need and also from others. I am looking at what am I receiving, what exists in my life, and what will I get for all this I am doing.' This way of thinking is not only merely self serving but also stressful. It can at times appear logical to think in this way but there is ultimately a discord as there we are ultimately mistrusting the process and ourselves as a creator existing in the here and now, distrusting the process and creating discord between the focus/intention and the effect.

It is probably fair to suggest that many of us live at both levels and perhaps more often at the level of effect, focusing on where we want to go, where we want to be, what we need or don't have, thus creating much of the stress within and competition in society. It is also clear to see those who live/lived solely at the level of cause and who are therefore in the present moment, fully aware of the energy of creation that exists within them, some clear examples would be Gandhi, The Dalai Lama and Mother Theresa. In fact any of the outstanding characters you can think of that have made or are making a huge difference in the world are doing this and have done this because they are living with the full awareness of their creational energy and they are living at the cause with their intention and full faith in themselves and the environment as one.

To do this we can, In every moment consider,am I reacting or creating.. what place am I coming from..what is the cause do I wish to live by?

We are all creators and can choose how to benefit this world today and everyday to make a real difference, we all can do this in our own unique way, we all have gifts to give. If we choose to live at effect and ignore who we are and what we can do in the now, then we distrust in ourselves and the process therefore giving our power away. Which do you choose?

Where focus goes energy flows ~ Tony Robbins