16/04/2015 06:05 BST | Updated 15/06/2015 06:59 BST

Values-based Practice Inspires Confidence and Trust -- In the Current Political Whirl Who Do You Trust?


With the countdown to the UK election now truly underway, how successful have party leaders been in gaining the nation's trust? Do you know if the candidates you vote for are in line with your moral compass? The signs of changing times in the political world have shifted with more parties such as UKIP, The Green party, SNP and others gaining more momentum than ever before.

Over the last couple of months I was introduced to a very dynamic and collaborative network organisation called the UK Values Alliance. This group seeks to bring values back to the heart of UK society. Members include individuals and organisations who are either interested or active in the field of values whether it be personal, organisational or societal. Last month I was invited to my first members' open space meeting. The ideas and enthusiasm to catalyse action inspired me so much I just had to get involved!

At that meeting, a UK Values Alliance member, Jackie Le Fevre, put forward the idea of gaining an insight into how much importance is attached to the topic of values by parliamentary candidates across the UK standing for election in 2015. This quickly snowballed as more UK Values Alliance members (including me) stepped in to support wholeheartedly.

The collective effort led to the launch of the nationwide 'Focus on Values' campaign on the 10th April 2015. The UK Values Alliance, with the support of Ethical Value, reached out to party leaders and parliamentary candidates across all regions of the country to ask 3 key questions about their perspective on values.

1. What are your five highest priority/core values as an individual standing to become an MP?

2. What are the five highest priority/core values for your political party?

3. What are the five highest priority/core values you would like to see present in UK society?

The deadline for responses is 20th April 2015. The UK Values Alliance will be analysing the results over the next few weeks and publishing results based on political parties, not individuals, and response rates.

I know these results would influence the way I vote, do you feel the same? If you want to find out more and contribute your voice towards supporting the 'Focus on Values' campaign visit the UK Values Alliance website now.

Website: UK Values Alliance

Twitter: @ValuesUK (#GE2015 #livingyourvalues)

Facebook: UK Values Alliance

Linkedin: UK Values Alliance Group