24/01/2017 11:41 GMT | Updated 25/01/2018 05:12 GMT

The Best Photo Editing Software For Mac

Photography has exploded in popularity in recent years, due mainly to the quality of the camera's now being developed for smartphones. They may not have the flexibility or quality of a full-scale SLR camera, but they are always with you, wherever you go. Only a decade or so ago, the thought of editing photographs after taking them was either pure science fiction or heresy, depending on who you spoke to. Today, however, many people love the freedom, and opportunities that photo editing software provides, but that introduces a secondary problem; which is the best photo editing software to use? There are a range of different options out there and I am curious to find out which is the best to produce stunning quality images on my Macbook. I take a lot of photos and I love the editing process.

Free Vs Paid?

For those of us who choose to use the MacOS, we have always been blessed with a wide range of photo editing software choices. Ranging from free options which come included for everyone with Google Photos, to alternatives such as Unbound which can be purchased in the app store, the choice is sometimes so complicated that people simply don't know what to choose. As a keen photographer, I am certainly no expert, but I wanted to find a piece of software that would grow with me as I learned and developed my skill set. I finally settled on Aurora HDR, one of the reasons for this was that they let me experience the software on a trial basis to ascertain how it fitted with my workflow.

In my opinion, this is exactly how every software company should operate, as it takes the risk away from the user, and lets you properly test it without investing anything other than your time. Let me state at this point that I have not, nor probably could never test all of the photo editing pieces of software on the marketplace today, but I will stick my neck out and say that in my humble opinion, Aurora HDR is the world's most advanced HDR photo editor. This software offers amongst other things polarisation options, batch processing, and noise reduction technology, and I have loved experimenting and learning as I have spent more time using the software.

Do Not Let This Scare You

I wanted to emphasise at this point, that advanced does not equate to difficult. Don't get me wrong there is and always will be a learning curve, as with any new software, but it is not too steep, and you can still achieve remarkable results almost from the first use.

As I mentioned at the top of this article, I am not a photographic expert by any means, but then again I think that applies to the vast majority of people who enjoy photography. If you are looking for a fantastic piece of photo editing software, then Aurora HDR certainly ticks a lot of boxes, and with the trial, you have very little to lose by taking it for a test drive and potentially a lot to gain.

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