13/07/2016 08:23 BST | Updated 14/07/2017 06:12 BST


I have just flown back from Croatia and using my birthday massage and acupuncture voucher just before I went on holiday seemed like the perfect idea.

I turned up to a very tiny clinic in North London, with only a little old man to greet me at the door. He asks me what my problem was. Nothing I said. Then why are you here? He asks. It was a birthday present, I reply with a confused tone in my voice. He looks disappointed. It wasn't a good start.

He tells me as the female masseuse hadn't turned up yet, he will be "performing the acupuncture" on me. He asks where I want it. "In the massage room if that's ok" I reply nervously. He meant which body part. Oh ... My back?

He takes me to this tiny room where I'm told to strip off.. fully. Mmmm I don't think so. So I keep my jeans on and he looks almost bewildered. As if its odd for a stranger to feel uncomfortable to take all their clothes off in front of a man old enough to be their great Uncle. I'm then told to put my face into the massage table and try to relax as the sound of drilling goes on outside the window. After the needles are placed does a procedure what is known as "cupping". If you haven't experienced this, imagine someone giving you six love bites down your back and leaving circular bruises for over a week. It was horrid. 30 minutes I was left to lay there and "relax" with drills, cups and a little man knocking on the door every 5 minutes to ask how I am feeling. It felt as relaxing as sitting in a dentist's chair covered in leeches.

What felt like a life time of "back sucking", the time was up have the cups removed, my bruises revealed and was happy to take the rest of my kit off and wait for the masseuse to come in. I felt for her considering the first thing she would see is my arse and six love bites.

The lady walked in didn't say a word to me, just unclipped my bra and begun. It was at that point I didn't know whether to talk or not. It was another awkward moment added onto of the awkwardness I was already feeling. I simply couldn't relax as the lady was pulling out the tight knots in my back but as I looked through the table hole and saw her black sparkly pumps I decided to just try my best to enjoy the moment.

After an hour of pure bliss and feeling like 20 years of stress were pulled out of me, the lady spoke for the first time and just said "that's done" and left the room. I was suddenly left feeling a little disheartened, used and almost betrayed. I had let this person make me feel amazing and now she had gone without even a goodbye. I walked home feeling light as a feather but filled with mixed emotions. My advice if you want this done, is to go in open minded, emotionally detached and ready for anything, Kind of like a one night stand I guess.