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Blood Sweat and a Lot of Tears

Business, it's a tricky thing. A new business is even trickier. From promotion my solo comedy show in Edinburgh with a flyer and a smile to setting up the promotion of a business is a whole different ball game.

There is one main problem. When I had handed out my flyers in Edinburgh, punters knew I was merely trying to bring in a crowd, which I successfully did. But flyering a new business, a walking tour of the West End business no less, people just think I'm nothing more than a promotion gal, trying to promote a new fun thing for the tour guide, who people assume will be a man. No, before you think anything, this is not a dig at the sexist assumptions that still hangs around in society like a bad smell, but more a dig at myself for thinking setting up a business would be as easy as flyering for a few hours.

So, back to the drawing board. Marketing. I know nothing! (the words of Manwell - I suddenly felt like it was ME that had come from Barcelona) I decided to get my tour in places people WOULD see it. Time Out. Time Out is my bible. They came to review it and luckily really enjoyed it. But writing to other websites that promote free/cheap things to do in London seems trickier - I'm still waiting on them. I've written to newspapers, I'm still waiting. I even sent a letter to David Cameron, asking him to just quickly mention my tour on the news in-between his speech on the minimum wage and ISIS. I'm still waiting.

With blood sweat and a lot of tears, this is what setting up a business does to you. You question if it's worth all of the hassle, but then you wonder, is anything worth it in life? Of course it is. My comedy gigs have taken a back seat for a while, nights out and date nights with the other half have been pushed aside while I research and learn more about this grown up task I set myself. But it is all worth it in the end.

In case you WERE wondering, I do have some fabulous new ideas for up and coming gigs in the year. I'm known to speak very openly about the strange and chaotic life that I lead. And it only occurred to me when telling a friend, that I have never opened up my University result papers, even though I graduated in 2005. ( I'm crazy I know ) so I'm thinking at a pro night some time, to finally open up those results on stage.

So for the time being, I will be doing more marketing and work on the Walking the West End business. Extra blood sweat and tears might be worth it in the end.