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Over the past decade, the shopping experience has changed beyond recognition. Online shopping and contactless payments are
When I started writing my blog, I only did it so that I could fill the hours doing something worthwhile whilst getting to know my new computer. Seemed like a sensible thing to do, not only killing a bit of time but also getting some of the weird stories out of my mind.
Stand-up comedians demonstrate a truly amazing skill-set. They are courageous, inventive, engaging, and daring. They live
Superficial is not just the name of Heidi Montag's flop debut single from 2010, but I've been wondering if this is something
Being heckled is sadly part of the job for all stand-up comedians. Sometimes people think they have the right to ruin a show
Live At The Pleasance comes to your screens every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the Edinburgh Fringe.
If you couldn’t get to the Fringe this year, don’t worry. Live At The Pleasance is bringing all the best of the festival
Live At The Pleasance comes to your screens twice a week throughout the Edinburgh Fringe.