03/02/2015 06:00 GMT | Updated 04/04/2015 06:59 BST

The First Last Day

It was surreal. I had an actual goodbye! An ending, a new mug and biro to take home with me! Id made a new Facebook friend.

January is over, the misery of nothing to look forward to, freezing weather and still wondering who killed Lucy Beale is slowly but surely beginning to melt away. February has arrived. We may still be wearing our thermals, but we can look forward to pancakes and possibly a red rose from a loved one or a stalker. My January consisted of bickering with everyone I know, feeling negative and wondering why I'm even on this planet. However, I can say I did achieve something.... My first last day.

January the 2nd, my first day back from Christmas, I walked up Harley street dreading the long month that lay ahead. But I'm proud to say I stuck it out and lasted. Being stuck in one office for a month and surviving was an achievement in itself. But to not have been fired from this temp job was the Neil Armstrong of giant leaps for mankind! I'd had my first last day in a long time. And it was surreal. I had an actual goodbye! An ending, a new mug and biro to take home with me! Id made a new Facebook friend. Me? Friends with someone who doesn't do stand-up comedy on Facebook? I was even told I'd be missed! Me? Missed from the office? I was used to being escorted from the premises by security!

I think it helps when you get on with your boss. The job itself may have consisted of smiling sweetly at stuck up t***s demanding first class on their train booking and two breakfasts instead of one. Running up and down stairs setting up meetings with heavy Pret platters and drinks, sneakily nibbling at the tuna and cucumber baguettes. Then ending the day with having to frank 500 letters, all being recorded and special delivery. It wasn't fun I can't lie. The cherry on the cake was being cooped up in the post room being chatted up by the accounts guy. It wouldn't be so bad if he was just asking me about myself. But telling me him and his diamond earring were considering going into the porn industry as he "had all the equipment" was only making me close up. Everywhere.

But I got on with my boss which made the days bearable. Someone who was open minded to my random quirky comments, someone who was approachable and someone who let me leave early to get to other interviews. This makes my life (and theirs to be honest) a whole lot easier.

After experiencing my first last day, I went home feeling a lot better about myself. I hadn't walked out from hating the job or the people. And I hadn't been fired for any of my outrageous ... ideas.

Let's see if I can achieve TWO miracles in one year! I'll let you know.