21/11/2014 07:48 GMT | Updated 19/01/2015 05:59 GMT

The Fashionable Student: How to Update Your Look Without Buying Anything

Along with the cold, rain and wind - the halfway mark of first term also brings with it the somber student loan drought we've all come to hate. You might as well say goodbye to the high street, as the closest you'll actually get to shopping is your breath fogging up the window, as you press your nose up against the glass, drooling over garments you could have owned if you had enough money.

But being fashionable isn't always about buying new clothes: it's about having your own style and being very inventive (especially for those with little to no cash). If you're bored of your wardrobe or want to update it for the new season here are some of the easiest things you can do to switch it up without buying a single thing...

Change how you style

It's surprising what you can do with just changing how you put your outfit together or how you wear certain items. Did you know just by rolling up the legs of a pair of straight cut jeans instantly turns them into boyfriend jeans? Or, that using a cotton scarf as a belt can take you from everyday basics to indie girl chic? There are so many ways you can change your style up through just looking at your wardrobe differently. If you're stuck for ideas look at what other people are wearing on campus and take inspiration from them (maybe, even start your own personal street style watch). But as the weather is getting colder and keeping warm on campus will be your top priority, one look you should definitely try is layering. Whether you wear a jumper over a dress or go for the shirt, jumper and coat combo - this look is not only practical but can also bring an added cool vibe to your wardrobe.

Borrow from somebody else

They may not permanently be yours, but think of it this way: most of the clothes that are in fashion now probably won't be next year, so you'd most likely end up wearing them just for this season anyway, which makes borrowing clothes a really great option for any student. So, who do you borrow from? Well, if you're planning to head home on your next reading week and have, what you consider to be, fashionable parents who are a similar size to you and update their wardrobe on a regular basis - borrow from them. This way you can keep up to date with trends and not buy anything. Plus you won't end up with a backlog of inappropriate clothes when summer hits, because you can just return them to the rightful owner after February.

If you don't want to borrow from your parents, housemates are a good alternative. If you're really close to them, are the same size and like each other's style - then why not have an open wardrobe policy with them. You can borrow from them and they can borrow from you, which means not only have you doubled your wardrobe options but you've also most likely made a fashion friend for life!

Be Creative

If you can't afford to buy new clothes, upcycling can be an amazing option and really fun if you're into being creative and arty.

One of the leading trends this winter is embellishments, so if you have a tired shirt/skirt, some broken jewellery and a few safety pins or a little bit of glue - embellish your own clothes. It's that simple. If you're not as adventurous, you could do just do a bit of shearing: cut the arms off a t-shirt or put some frayed holes in your jeans (although this may not be a great idea for winter, you're best saving it for the summer).

So, what are you waiting for...start layering, raid your parent's wardrobe and get creative. There's no limits to what you can do - especially with fashion.