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What It's Like to Have the Perfect Student Job

Having made it through a three-stage application process over the summer (much to my genuine surprise) I've managed to secure myself what many people deem the ultimate student job. The application was intense due to the popularity of the position with 1000s of people applying; an online form followed by a phone interview and then an assessment day including presentations to a group. To break it down, being an SBM allows you both a termly pay package and an incredible series of perks and experiences. Throughout my time in the position I can earn cash bonuses and tickets to festivals, I get to attend amazing events like the Spotify Secret Social and even the assessment and training were brilliant fun with the added bonus of free snacks and a post training party. In addition, I can get special consideration for summer internships and make both great friends and great contacts for graduate job prospects, all while achieving something that will look brilliant on my CV with a big name company. Considering all of the benefits of being an SBM, I should also mention that as part of the job you receive

a PS4, a portable Bluetooth amp and various lights, balloons, disposable cameras and general party equipment as well as an ENORMOUS amount of paper cups and then host or support pre-drinks, parties and socials around campus.

Considering that I'm a pretty sociable person anyway, this is basically the perfect job for me even without my keen interest in music and spreading music love through my positions at Royal Holloway's Newspaper: The Founder and Radio Station: Insanity Radio.

Freshers' week saw the launch of Spotify's 'Hello Freshers' tour, with buses driving around the country to spread the love and give out freshers' packs for pre-drinks and ice-breaking in new flats. Alongside this was the launch of 'Spotify Mix Mates', which allows you to enter your favourite artist and a friend's and work out how similar your tastes are, whilst creating a bespoke playlist. Overall the campaign was a roaring success and the beginning of term was improved with a little bit of Spotify delight. It was brilliant to start meeting freshers and to get involved in societies starting up for the year. Since term started I was invited to support LGBT+ Society's first big social and have hosted numerous Spotify themed pre-SU gatherings. Friends and acquaintances alike have been really keen to get involved and help me with the job - from blowing up giant balloons to transporting equipment, which has helped me enormously whilst creating the buzz and sense of community that Spotify aims to achieve.

The company introduced Student Brand Managers not to act as sales associates but simply to help create a love for the brand in an environment where Spotify is particularly appreciated. The successful students are get to 'enhance student life' and create 'incredible music moments' which is hardly difficult when university life revolves around music so acutely to begin with. Royal Holloway has an incredible musical base with Insanity Radio, musical content in both The Founder and our magazine - The Orbital, as well as 'Red Cup Company' events, club nights and a whole host of student bands and artists. These elements allow me even more potential for the role and I definitely hope to incorporate them into my Spotify projects. I am already in love with the position; as it allows me to meet and engage with people, help maintain the sense of community that Royal Holloway is so well known for and promote music (one of my greatest passions) all through creating great playlists and maximising social events. For anyone looking to add something brilliant to their CV, I would definitely recommend the job for next year and that's after only a month in the role!

The two main events of last year were the Spotify Secret Social and the Spotify Sound Clash, which were run brilliantly by last year's SBM with Royal Holloway's Feminist Society being amongst the national winners of the Spotify Sound Clash and receiving £500 sponsorship. This year I will be supporting socials with my SBM kit (amp, PS4, disposable cameras, balloons, cups, lights and logo projector) as well as running the 'Sound of Royal Holloway' account on Spotify from which I will post weekly playlists as well as the top picks of various societies and lists to hype people up for event nights. I have basically managed to get my dream student job, so to all students; I'd definitely recommend keeping an eye out this summer for similar roles starting next September!