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The court has decided unanimously that Anders Breivik was sane at the time he committed his heinous offences. It is a verdict which may come to be seen as a turning point in the history of how much we hold ourselves, and others, responsible for actions.
Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik is officially sane. A court has ruled he was sane when he killed 69 people, many of
Family and friends of the victims murdered by Anders Breivik after he planted a bomb in central Oslo and went on a shooting
Judge Arntzen, after delivering the court's verdict, described Breivik's childhood, when he was monitored by psychologists
An Oslo court will announce whether mass killer Anders Breivik is sane on Friday morning. The Norwegian right-wing extremist’s
On Friday, we will find out if mass murderer Anders Breivik is sane or not. The Norwegian right-wing extremist's guilt is
Just over a year ago, a right-wing extremist named Anders Breivik went on a killing spree in Norway, murdering 77 people
Mass killer Anders Breivik could have been stopped earlier and the authorities "failed" to protect the 69 young people killed
Families of those killed by Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik staged a walk out of the courtroom as he began his final
Prosecutors in the trial of mass murderer Anders Breivik argued that he should be committed to a mental institution on Thursday