Andrew Parker

An alleged plot to blow up the gates of Downing Street and assassinate  Theresa May was foiled by security officials, it
Terrorist plots are escalating to the point of violence in a matter of days after a “dramatic” jump in the scale and pace
The things got a little weird. Ok, back to the sillies. Mainly Tom Cruise focused. A few people just wanted some help with
The U.K. has yet to face the "high water mark" of the terrorist threat, according to the head of MI5, who warned on Wednesday
The head of MI5 has revealed he loves James Bond films because they are nothing like the actual work of British spies, in
A group of core al Qaida terrorists in Syria is planning "mass casualty attacks" against the West, the head of MI5 has warned
Seeing the spy chiefs' questions in front of a Parliamentary Select Committee threw up one clear question for me: was this really a proper public inquiry into the outrageous bugging of heads of states around the globe, or was it a cynical PR exercise?
It's a matter of supreme irony that The Daily Mail choose the same week in which they condemned the Royal Charter on Press Regulation as censorship, to invoke the language of McCarthy against a fellow newspaper.