No one, least of all Boyle, should underestimate the importance of the opening ceremony. It will trigger the connection of a global audience with the London games. The dancing, and the visuals and sounds are what people will take to bed with them that first night.
China's state-run investment fund dipped its toe into the UK today by snapping up a slice of the Thames Water, country's
There haven't been many coherent voices speaking out against the impending money-splash of the London Olympics next year. Most have been swept away by the shiny promised land of the new Westfield, or the dubious pledges buried in tonnes of polished glass and metal, said to be invested in our potentially athletic children's futures.
Gwyneth Paltrow touched down in China yesterday to continue celebrating Coach's 70th birthday, and decided to show support
A Government adviser has accused China and Russia of carrying out cyber warfare attacks aimed at stealing national security
Of course we should do all we can to aid the Chinese and other growing economies to improve their lives as sustainably as possible. But none of that removes from us the responsibility of a radical rethink of our relationship with our planet. And that must begin at home, not on the other side of the world.
In January 2007 Russia and China vetoed a resolution against the Burmese military junta in Myanmar. In July 2008 both Russia
When you buy fashion garments and accessories, do you always think about how much pressure their production puts on the environment? Greenpeace has produced a report intended to make you think twice.
China is the home of many a sport. Famous for its martial arts from Kung Fu to Tai Chi, the eastern country is also the provenance
Kate Winslet is the queen of understated glamour and after wowing us in a show stopping Victoria Beckham dress last month