billy bragg

Without equality and accountability for our leaders's discourse and reshaping of our economy, we will never be truly free, writes Billy Bragg.
The relative merits of Ed Sheeran's music is immaterial to his decision to join an anti-racist movement. But the irony of endorsing Eric Clapton, a musician bestowed the title 'God' by his fans, whilst not making reference to his racist expressions that gave rise to Rock Against Racism is bewildering.
Billy Bragg has condemned the Government for closing down a scheme to accept lone refugee children marooned in Europe, arguing
Forget the Euro, dollar, pound or even the Smackeroony - cynicism is the new currency being traded across the world. And
It's a totally misleading title of course. This post should really be called something like "A List Of 200 Protest Songs
Billy Bragg's new album with Joe Henry is 'Shine a Light'.
Billy Bragg may still stand with Jeremy Corbyn - he was one of the many who renewed his membership in recent times in order