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“For a long time Black British mothers were invisible – we weren't in the adverts for nappies or follow-on milk, we weren't in the parenting magazines or modelling maternity wear on the high street. Our experiences only existed in private conversations. Black Ballad’s takeover of HuffPost UK is a weeklong focus on parenting and family, wholly commissioned and edited by Black British women. It amplifies the voices and experiences of Black mothers living in Britain today, not only highlighting the struggles, but also the hopes and visions we have for a future that is more just and equitable for all."

Jendella Benson, Head of Editorial, and Tobi Oredein, Founder and CEO, Black Ballad

(Lead image: Camilla Ru)

The beauty CEO juggles parenting and business, leading the charge on flexible working. Just don’t call her superwoman.
Let's build a future where, if nothing else is certain, green spaces are accessible to all.
For many Black parents, cultural compatibility is a key consideration when it comes to who cares for their kids.
The shame and secrecy associated with the use of unregulated websites adds to the blanket of silence.
During lockdown, I unconsciously shouldered the emotional labour and needs of my entire household.
The Covid-19 crisis proved that nuclear families aren't always happy families – or the only model of love and care.
When George Floyd’s murder sparked a wave of protests, I decided to strive for positive change in any way I could.
Black communities have a long tradition of supplementing their kids' schooling to combat systematic racism.