Budget Cuts

PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Heightened fears of another recession mean it is "touch and go" whether the Bank of England will this
I think it is fair to say that a fair amount of the onus to combat these attitudes towards disabled people lie with disabled people themselves by constantly providing a positive representation of disabled people.
Doubt is a very powerful weapon. It's two fighters standing toe-to-toe. Both are pumped with adrenaline. Then for the briefest of moments, one doubts himself - a lapse in belief, a fleeting thought.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Town hall bosses have been accused of insulting taxpayers with plans to give binmen £400 iPad gadgets
When David Cameron rolled out his "Big Society" program, which transfers the roles, duties, and power of government organizations
As we've all discovered in the past few years, £86m is not a large amount of money in government terms. Francis Maude claims
PRESS ASSOCIATION-- The Government saved £3.75 billion in less than a year by cutting jobs, axing projects and reining in