Campaign for Better Transport

MP says government is 'waging war' on public transport users.
Brits 'are being priced out of getting to work', say campaigners.
The mid-winter will be bleaker for millions of rail travellers today as inflation-busting fare rises take effect. Regulated
So the government has finally launched its rail fares review, which has the potential to be the biggest shake-up of our fares system for decades.
Are UK commuters prepared to put up with eye watering rail fare hikes? Complaining about the rail service is already a staple British topic of conversation, harnessing this as a protest could be a natural next step. With feelings running high, and wallets feeling lighter, maybe this is the day when passengers will stand up and say enough is enough.
It's never nice to find out that a household bill has gone up, but for many rail commuters finding out just before Christmas that their season ticket will cost hundreds of pounds more next year is all the more galling. The average wage is certainly not going up, the rising cost of living is hitting many families hard and the increase in rail fares will do nothing to help.
Rail commuters are to face average fare hikes of eight per cent next year as official figures showed the retail prices index