Care Quality Commission

A Labour MP has revealed a shocking incident in which a suicidal 10-year-old boy was denied mental health help four times
'A sizeable minority were not able to get the care they needed when in a crisis.'
Access to mental health crisis care presents a “major issue”, a new report has found, with 26% of people who try to contact
Only a quarter of children and teenagers who need treatment for mental health problems are able to access it, a new report
In an ideal world, we'd all plan ahead for later life, both for ourselves and our loved ones. In reality, this isn't always
'No parent should feel helpless when watching their child suffer'.
Read more on The Huffington Post Theresa May has declared that “mental health problems are everyone’s problem” as she unveiled
An extraordinary second Monday in December may have heralded long-awaited government action to tackle the care crisis. With more than a million older people not getting the help they need and cash-strapped local authorities squeezing fees to fragile care businesses, the care system seems close to collapse. Now all eyes are on the government's funding settlement for councils later this week. Will it simply allow councils to raise council tax to fund care or will it offer something more fundamental?
In recent weeks condemnation has followed the news that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) - who regulate health and social