Commonwealth of Nations

The Queen and her family have marked Commonwealth Day with a special service at Westminster Abbey. Representatives joined them from the fifty-three other member countries for the 70th anniversary of the Commonwealth's inception.
Birmingham 2022 will leave a lasting legacy which will strengthen future relationships with the Commonwealth and help motivate a generation
The deep-rooted homophobia in many countries stems from the homophobia that Britain exported and entrenched
Last week’s Commonwealth Heads of Government meetings (CHOGM), made important commitments to reducing plastic waste, cutting
As the summit convened in London, once again LGBT+ rights were excluded from the leader’s agenda
It’s the first time the queen has backed the Prince of Wales as her successor.
At a time when Ugandan Asians' lives were at risk from Amin’s brutal regime, Powell was trying to keep people like my family out
Around 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year.
Confronting the demons of religious intolerance may not seem appealing – but it will strengthen the Commonwealth and society at large