David Harewood

His stint as the Time Lord has been one of the most polarising of the modern era of ‘Doctor Who’, but Peter Capaldi’s time
Star of 'The Night Manager' and 'Homeland' talks about black actors on screen.
'The Night Manager' star David Harewood is shocked it's taken until now for two black stars to lead the cast in a BBC primetime
I became really interested in the subject of failure when I was watching my daughter make the transformation from a child unfettered by the constraints of grown-up measurement to one consumed by anxiety over GCSE exams - from glorious freedom of imagination to a dread of failure.
A stunning new campaign in which celebrities including Tinie Tempah and Sol Campbell have turned themselves white has been
Climate change is, at its core, an issue of injustice. Those that are least responsible for creating the problem, are the ones who are suffering the most. Livelihoods are being destroyed, people are forced to leave their homes and extreme weather events make widows and orphans.
Lenny Henry has added his voice to those black stars lamenting the scarcity of good roles available in the UK, with the comedian