Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The charity's helpline received calls from parents of children with Tourette’s, who were upset by the joke.
Olaf Falafel's vegetable-based pun was deemed the most hilarious gag of this year's festival.
Each bag contains a fidget toy, water bottle and ear defenders.
Remember that this is one season of many that you'll perform. There's a lot of lessons you can take from a festival - It could be that this city is not the best market for you. It could be that your show isn't pitched right.
With 2,871 shows by 24,107 performers in 273 venues, the Edinburgh Fringe boasts of being the world's biggest arts festival
The name Nirbhaya, Hindi for fearless one, was used to commemorate last December's 23-year-old Delhi gang rape victim Jyoti
ur team at Bedlam have continued their march towards the Fringe. Painting has continued to be a constant feature, with nightly white spirit baths becoming more and more necessary. Our quest to replace all the floors in the theatre - some of which looked like they had had crude oil spilt on them - has been completed, making us unhealthily protective of our carpets.
By the time it ends its 24-day run on 27 August, the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe Festival will have showcased nearly 3,000 events
Heard the one about the Edinburgh Fringe? You’ll be forgiven if you haven’t given it much thought this year, with the Olympics