Edward Scissorhands

Timothée Chalamet joined Winona in the special Super Bowl ad as the classic character's son.
Ever dreamed of actually having your hair cut by Edward Scissorhands? This might be the closest you'll ever get... Spanish
An ancient species has been named after Edward Scissorhands because of the shape of its claws. The 505 million-year-old 'Kootenichela
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Movie star Edward Scissorhands is said to be "fuming" that he's still on the waiting list for a hand transplant, 23 years
With the recent release of Tim Burton's 'Frankenweenie' and Halloween upon us, it seems as good as any to remember why Tim
The original Chewbacca head worn by actor Peter Mayhew in the Star Wars movies has been sold for ($176,000) £110,000 at a
How do you express your love for TV, films and computers games? Telling anyone who'll listen? Maybe a poster pon the wall