Evo Morales

The country’s military chief went on national television to call on him to step down.
Bolivia's President Evo Morales said on Monday his government is working to combat raging wildfires in his country and partly blamed drought for the phenomenon. In an about-face, Morales on Sunday said he was now open to international aid to fight the blazes that have engulfed rural villages and doubled in size since Thursday.
Who will stand up for Edward Snowden? Not the American media, that fearless and forensic instrument of truthtelling, which has been generally too busy poring over Snowden's 'narcissism' and character flaws, or arguing that surveillance is good for us, to consider the broader implications of his revelations.
An investigation has been launched after footage of a Bolivian lawmaker apparently raping an unconscious colleague came to
To the west of the country, the Sierra de Perijá, a stretch of both mountains and plains, traces the conflictive border zone between Colombia and Venezuela. The region's inhabitants are, today, a mixture of indigenous groups, cattle farmers, both rich and humble, and the inevitable generational pool of all three.
What is needed is a young person's party of the United Kingdom, not a party that reflects the wishes of young working people, but that is theirs.