Foreign and Commonwealth Office

The Queen has become the first monarch for at least a century to attend Cabinet, taking a seat beside Prime Minister David
What a few weeks it has been for that Machiavellian matriarch Sheikh Hasina. She swished into London in August to bookmark the Olympic Games (opening and closing ceremony tickets for Bangladesh's premier - no messing around with an either/or scenario).
Imagine Nick Clegg is to stand trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity. Also imagine that the witnesses on which the case rests have been sourced and then coached by members of the Conservative Party. Imagine also the Chief Prosecutor of the case is Jeremy Kyle. Does this all seem reasonable?
Too much bad news swirls around us; sometimes we should celebrate the positive. Yesterday the British Foreign and Commonwealth
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A British man has been shot dead and his brother injured while on holiday in Venezuela, a family friend