Forest Whitaker

Director David E. Talbert has redefined the genre with his Afro-Victorian Netflix spectacular.
The anticipation hasn't quite been on the same level as Force Awakens, so Rogue One was always going to be on the back foot. The decision to make it a standalone movie, free from the traditional constraints of the space opera franchise, seemed bold. But there's only one thing people care about: does Rogue One live up to, or trump, Force Awakens? Unfortunately it's not quite a black or white answer.
Jake with his young co-star Oona Laurence Just as moving are the scenes between Billy Hope and his daughter. Jake isn’t a
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Forest Whitaker has revealed how riled up he would get during some of the scenes he filmed for 'The Butler', in which he
After the trauma of missing Couture Week, I stayed on for a few days in Paris to browse the cruise collections with my friends Svetlana and Masha.
Oscar winner Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey are in talks to star as husband and wife in Precious director Lee Daniels