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Whether you like it or not, some people get Christmas presents for their dogs. Some people spend more on their dog's gifts
A lot of dogs are mischievous, but some are good at hiding their guilt. Not these pups. These dogs are blatantly guilty, and
It's been a strange Autumn here in the UK - we've had a lot of rain, and a lot of unusually mild days. Not exactly what you
It's a tough old world out there, and sometimes you just need to take a minute to breathe and notice all the wonders around
Everyone's favourite celebrity dog is back with another adorable video, and this time he's really in the Christmas spirit
We've already seen cats being inexplicably terrified by cucumbers and a dog scared of literally everything, now we've got
It's Dakota's birthday, and even though she probably doesn't even know what a birthday is, she's super excited when her owners
When the owner's back is turned and a sandwich is up for grabs, our intrepid heroes have only one option - a 'Mission: Impossible
Despite her efforts, this poor pooch can't fit her giant bone through the cat-flap. Refusing to give up, she even tries a
No matter how much we love dogs, sometimes we have to admit - they're not always the sharpest tools in the shed. That's why