The 80s pop icon gave a health update during an appearance on BBC Breakfast.
The latest efforts of some sections of the media to brand Oxford University a haven of over-zealous liberalism has forced
This list is going to be divisive. It's unavoidable. Some choices you will agree with, some you won't. Some might even prompt you to dust off those old CD's, or nip over to Spotify to see what you missed.
Genesis have reunited for the first time in 40 years for a BBC documentary about their career. The five original members
Prog style was a visual reflection of the music. An eclectic, over-the-top, mind-expanding mix of historical and future influences, it blended science fiction/fantasy, surrealist art and the penetrative psychiatry of R D Laing.
A giant replica of Noah's Ark built in the Netherlands by Johan Huibers He told Christine Amanpour of abc news his team were
The Church of England is procrastinating whether women deserve equal promotion to senior clergy, initially proposing legislation that would mean "it would have enshrined in law the very prejudices against which supporters of female bishops have battled so long.
Yes, yes, yes! At last! The day has arrived. In the long history of the internet, I can only post this blog on this one day. Yes, today. 1 February 2012.