Glenda Jackson

Burberry will show their latest collection at London Fashion Week on 16 September this year. As a teaser for the hot-ticket
Though most other "isms" were piled on the ballot scales at some point in the USA Presidential election, ageism never seemed much of a factor with the electorate. Perhaps this was because both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were well beyond what we still laughingly call, "normal retirement age".
Glenda Jackson in 1971 holding the Oscar which she won for her role as Gudrun in 'Women in Love' 6) What did you do for a
Most young people eligible to vote in the European and local elections stayed at home, despite being far more likely to be
From the student sit-ins to the poll tax riots, politics was once the domain of the young and angry. But in 2010, just 44
Entertainment industry celebrities have a habit of popping up and declaring their political ambitions at various stages in the electoral cycle. Often it is a sincerely held belief about a set of issues, occasionally ego, that drives them, though perhaps it could be a desire to gain publicity for other ventures...
Last Wednesday, a grotesque large-scale picture of Margaret Thatcher appeared. Coloured purple with blank eyes, skulls for earrings and a thread of drool leaking from the mouth, it stood three metres tall against a background of flames. Next to it, in huge, carefully scripted letters, were the words "ROT IN HELL!! MAGGIE".
Glenda Jackson's powerful assault on Margaret Thatcher was a welcome antidote to the generally adulatory and sycophantic tributes emanating from politicians and clueless celebrities alike.