Police launched a tongue-in-cheek appeal to track down the pesky ruminants.
"This is the craziest thing to happen all quarantine," a resident said about 200 goats running free in San Jose.
A gang of goats has taken over a town in Wales. The wild herd of Kashmiri goats normally live on the Great Orme headland, but have been living it up in the town of Llandudno since the coronavirus lockdown, running amok in the streets and munching on hedges.
ActionAid Sweden has put together a full album of Christmas carols being sung by goats in the hope of raising awareness for
If you've ever wondered where goats come from, this video reveals all.* A film-maker was wandering through Morocco on an
A thespian group of Nigerian dwarf goats have re-enacted the Hollywood blockbuster Jurassic World in dramatic style. The
Moms are usually keen to stamp out any sibling rivalry amongst their kids, and it’s no different in goat families. Charlotte
It was a fairly normal day for BBC Newsline Northern Ireland's Conor Macauley. The Agriculture and Environment Correspondent
Back when we were kids (if you'll excuse the pun) we just thought goats and sheep said "baaa" and that was it. Then the internet