House Of Representatives

President Donald Trump is expected to be tried over his highly controversial dealings with Ukrainian leadership.
Ignoring a plea from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Trump approved the memo’s release without redactions.
Public opinion was on the side of marriage equality.
“This debate has been the soundtrack to our relationship.”
The base wants it. Now a big-name funder does too.
WASHINGTON ― Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) called for impeaching President Donald Trump from the House floor on Wednesday. “I rise
“No one is above the law,” said Rep. Al Green (D-Texas). “That includes the president of the United States.”
It’s a devastating setback for Republicans and their crusade against the health care law.
This hearing on banning abortions at 20 weeks of pregnancy included the input of precisely zero women. 4) Ohio Governor John
Nervous markets Some foreign investors are ignoring polls predicting a Hillary Clinton election win and are being very cautious
Labott's comments came after the Republican-controlled House voted 289-137 against President Barack Obama's plans to resettle
Should the Lords become an elected chamber? Partly-elected perhaps but fully elected and we could end up with the same political game-playing and circus entertainment we often get with the House of Commons? Is that democracy? The public seem very discontent with politicians so why are we calling for more by having the Lords electable?
NEW YORK -- For the first time in eight years, the Republican Party has assumed control of the US Congress, having taken
Washington DC - the seat of power, the home to US political hard-hitters - and in some respects, a very gay Capitol indeed. LGBT staffers are commonplace in the political centre of DC, and indeed LGBT Congressional Staffers meet up on a regular basis for work and for pleasure...
When everyone returns in September, Mr Obama will also be forced to focus on keeping control of the Senate in Democratic hands (which will now be harder than ever) and picking up more seats in the House of Representatives. If he is unsuccessful with these political endeavours in the mid-terms, his legacy will then rest only upon the accomplishments of his first term in office.
A blind man has solved a Rubik’s Cube – nine months after he began the puzzle. Sameer Doshi modified the 3-D brain-teaser
Former US vice president Dick Cheney and former American secretary of state Henry Kissinger are expected to attend Margaret
The sequester was a legislative tool designed to scare the Congress into doing its job. It clearly seems to have failed to produce this result. If it goes into effect, the sequester means across the board cuts in every agency of federal government with no ability to control what is cut and what is not.
Will it have thrills and spills of a NASCAR race? Or will it have the numbing predictability akin to watching partisan paint drying?