It was a sign of the times, perhaps, that this year's Mobile World Congress was dominated by what was missing rather than
The Mobile World Congress conference has kicked off in Barcelona, with an absolutely enormous Samsung mobile phone-tablet
One in two smartphones sold in the world is made by either Samsung or Apple. The latest research by Gartner shows that the
The Chinese telecoms firm Huawei has told the BBC it does not represent a threat to American national security. The United
A Chinese tech company has accused a US Congress committee of 'bias' after it was labelled a threat to national security
A United States Congress committee has claimed in a report that the Chinese tech firms Huawei and ZTE represent a 'national
Owning a pocket-sized portable internet connection ready to use wherever you are has never been so appealing. As everything
Is this the best value for money smartphone? With a four-inch screen, a five megapixel camera and access to Android’s ever
Mobile World Congress 2012, the trade show for all thing mobile phones, communications, play and advertising is like the