PM facing his first rebellion over legislation for 5G.
Republicans compare the decision to working with the KGB during the Cold War.
Boris Johnson has granted China-based tech giant Huawei to use the UK’s 5G phone network. Even after American pressure on the UK to block them from the UK’s infrastructure, claiming we could be vulnerable to Chinese state surveillance.
National Security Council decision expected to spark White House backlash.
Worries about the PM’s slipperiness are not as damaging as his lack of a clear plan.
MPs warn against "nesting the dragon" in UK network as the United States puts pressure on PM to block tech giant.
Will the PM surprise his critics by standing up to Trump?
PM won't want to appear disloyal, but knows he has to stand up for UK interests.
PM says British public “deserve” the best tech in the world.
Prime minister raises fresh obstacle to any British role for Chinese firm