The lack of social mobility is apparent in the UK and although the effects of not having an internship may not be immediately evident, the fact that there is a disparity in the ability to receive internships as a result of differences in socio-economic backgrounds its an indication of inequality itself in this country.
'Without unpaid internships, how the hell are students going to get the chance to earn experience?'
On Friday, MP Alec Shelbrooke will introduce a separate Commons’ Private Members Bill to ban unpaid internships.  However
The myth that unpaid labour looks good on the CVs of workers in creative industries has become an increasingly persuasive means of guilt-tripping young people into working for free.
I would argue that there is no better way for the tech industry to build a strong talent pipeline than offering internship placements. Just as important as any benefits to the organisation, it helps ensure young talent is making an informed decision for themselves, personally and professionally.
I remember from the mid 1990s while teaching at New York University I started receiving approximately a half dozen requests
To be top of class for social mobility, London can't just provide an excellent education for those under 16 - it needs to help young people at all levels into good jobs. Which ever candidate becomes London Mayor this May, a priority must be to ensure that good vocational and graduate routes to work are available for all young Londoners.
Placements are the Holy Grail of the student summer, but, hopefully, by following these few pieces of advice and constantly refreshing your Hotmail inbox, you'll soon be in need of some credit on that Oyster Card. Good luck...
Within the creative industry there is a perception that graduates are desperate. Certain professions like those within medical
A teenager who worked for 10 weeks in a local corner shop so he could save money to buy Christmas presents for his family