Britain and Russia are conspiring to shut down the inquest into the death of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko to preserve
There is no doubt in my mind that Romania's change of government in 1989 was a revolution - even if it was stage managed and the mob were manipulated. It has all the ingredients of a classic revolution: a total chance of the political system; an angry mob; several days of chaos; armed groups fighting each other and a shadowy clique of power brokers arguing about who will take over.
A pre-inquest review will be held on Thursday into the death of a Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned with
In more than a quarter of a century since his violent death, Olof Palme has retained the ability to command headlines and divide opinion just as he did during his lifetime.
We were told from the outset that no one in this programme could discuss specific operations, which was suitably thrilling
A former UK government official has admitted Britain was behind a plot to spy on Russians with a device hidden in a fake
Alexander Litvinenko's widow has spoken of her ongoing heartache as she marked five years without justice for the Russian
Vladimir Putin's photo opportunities have traditionally pictured him as a comic-strip super hero, but in the newest shots
On the day that justice finally caught up with Muammar Gaddafi, former American Presidential candidate John McCain appeared on Newsnight and remarked that dictators all over the world - including those in Russia - should be nervous. "This is the Spring" he said, "not just the Arab Spring."
Lawyers for the widow of murdered Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko are to call for a detailed inquest to be held into