King's College London

Read more on The Huffington Post King’s College London’s People of Colour Association has also come out in solidarity with
Archbishop Desmond Tutu and historian Sir Michael Howard have also been removed.
A lecturer has accused student campaigners of being the “Gaystapo” after an image of a former Archbishop of Canterbury was
Most of us remember school trips to museums and galleries - in some cases, only because of the welcome contrast to the everyday. At best, the museums and galleries - their collections of curiosities rich with cultural history - created memories more enduring than the classroom-based learning they were intended to supplement.
As new students begin their time at university, the fact that more than a third of female students have reported experiences of unwanted advances in the form of groping and touching, and that 67% of students have heard rape or sexual assault jokes on campus, hangs over universities across the country.
In an unprecedented move, a university has given its students what they asked for. Students at King's College London were
London universities are threatening to break Oxbridge's domination of the research industry, as new rankings reveal University
From February, Russell Group university King's College London will be known as 'King's London', with the c-word dropped as
So, you're moving to the big city to study in one of the world's top 20 universities (as you will be consistently reminded
You don't often hear about student protesters winning battles with uni bosses. Why? Put simply, because it hardly ever happens