Large Hadron Collider

A wealth of new data has made scientists even more confident that the elusive "God particle" is in their grasp. The sub-atomic
Scientists at Cern who successfully found the Higgs Boson particle earlier this year might have accidentally found two. According
Physicists have created what appears to be a new form of matter. Labelled "colour-glass condensate", it has been identified
The Higgs Boson - the particle which gives other particles mass - was discovered at Cern last week… wasn't it? Well, at least
The retired professor who gave his name to the elusive "God particle" that scientists believe they have found said today
A physicist has started an online petition to change the name of hated font Comic Sans to 'Comic Cerns' after it was used
And what a week it's been. Megabus - our favourite of all the Transformers - was the subject of a terrorist threat by a Pot
Researchers at Cern may have made one of the most important announcements in scientific history on Wednesday, but not everyone
Particle physicists are usually fairly reserved and cautious – but the discovery of the Higgs boson has led to some fairly
Cern scientists announced on Wednesday that they’ve finally – after a 45-year search – found the elusive Higgs boson particle