magazine covers

There have been some seriously impressive covers gracing newsstands this month: from Gwyneth getting leggy for Harpers Bazaar
With a hit TV series under her belt and Ryan Reynolds as a boyfriend, Blake Lively is never far from the spotlight.
We always look forward to the annual Hollywood Issue of Vanity Fair magazine: it never fails to deliver a stunning gatefold
Daniel Radcliffe has been hovering on the edges of our "You're really quite fit, aren't you" radar for a while now.
Keira Knightley is the latest leading lady to master the art of the smouldering and sultry GQ covergirl pose.
We're used to being floored by Miranda Kerr's gravity-defying post-pregnancy figure (she's a Victoria's Secret model, after
Let's be honest. We never imagined Carey Mulligan would be caught posing in her bra on the cover of a magazine.
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is kicking off 2012 with not one but two Harper's Bazaar covers - both of which feature the Devon
Kate Moss has gone all Ziggy Stardust on us.
Kate Winslet is the Harper's Bazaar UK November covergirl and as well as a revealing interview covering her divorce from