One victim sent her money from his dead wife's life insurance.
A student who scammed £100,000 from lonely men on a dating site has been sentenced to more than two years in jail for fraud
I, like two percent of the world's population, am a redhead. I also have freckles. But despite 140million people on the planet having one or the other - or both - to some people it's still completely acceptable to see this as something inadequate. A weakness. Ugly, even. Or, according to the latest ads, an "imperfection".
It's now the weekend, and my twitchy fingers hover over my laptop, much like a sweaty-tooth Hunter Googler, one feverishly eyeing a list of dating sites as they flash their hyperlinked harrises in my search engine results.
In a phenomenon now affectionately referred to as the Tinderella syndrome, psychologists claim we're damaging our love lives and ability to flirt by spending too much time communicating on screen.
Today, our technological devices are connecting hearts, breaking them and creating an abundance of ways for us to meet new people and experience love online. The transition that we're witnessing is attracting a new and younger generation of online daters.
What I have gained most from, and the last thing I expected to, is I now feel calmer about being single. My relationship status no longer causes me to panic, and start thinking of cat names. Online dating made something click - it's not about being in a relationship, it's about finding the person who you want to be with.
I could have got off my train at Carlisle, walked right up to that girl and explained all of this to her (leaving out any profanity and the washing up rota) She could have given me a look before running for her life, or she could have married me a few years down the line.
At match we've had office romances among our staff and never found it compromised people's professionalism or ability to do their job. It had quite the opposite effect and we found that when relationships developed into long-term partnerships it resulted in happier and more relaxed employees.
Here's one Christmas phenomenon Huff Post UK bets you didn't know about; the biggest days for online dating are between Boxing