Monaco is special. It is the symbol of everything Formula 1 is about: beauty, glamour, precision and reward. They have overhauled their pits complex in recent years to be in line with any other leading motor circuit and their marshals are the best in the world. The same can definitely not be said about the Spanish Grand Prix circuit.
Sergio Perez was having a drive of his life a year ago in Monaco. I was stunned at his pace around the principality and commented quite strongly how his performance made me a fan and showed a true sign of a man who will be a contender...then he hit the wall.
Harry Redknapp told police "I write like a two-year-old and I can't spell" as he denied taking bungs, a court heard today
Harry Redknapp threatened to "sue the bollocks" off a journalist as he angrily denied taking bungs, a court heard on Tuesday
Football boss Harry Redknapp failed to declare his offshore bank account for six years after "feigning" ignorance during