morning after pill

Let's applaud EllaOne's new delivery service, but the price bracket feels exploitative of women in their time of need
The pharmacy giant promised to cut the price of the morning after pill.
A spokesperson for Boots said it “firmly believed in the right of all women” to access the service, which is available free
As more and more pharmacies slash the price of the morning after pill, concerns have been raised that cheaper prices might
An online pharmacy has announced it’s offering the morning after pill for £4.99. Chemist-4-U’s director and pharmacist, Shamir
The chemist has since committed to lowering the cost of emergency contraception.
As a charity which cares for tens of thousands of women facing an unwanted pregnancy every year, we know difficulties obtaining emergency contraception mean many women‎ are unable to make use of this second chance to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. And we wanted to stand up and do something against what we saw as the ultimate sexist surcharge.