Muslim Brotherhood

The World Cup is the only time the global nations comes together to share a collective experience - often bad, occasionally
The greatest threat to Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood lies not in potential competitors, parliamentary limitations, or new regulations, as much as it does in lack of progress within the movement itself...
Arab world's near-100% vote for a Presidential candidate With over 220,000 people dead since 2011 and the country literally
2014 looks set to be a year for landmark elections. India's having a really long one, Ukraine's looking at a fairly awkward one and Syria's going to have a predictable one. But come next month, all eyes will be on Egypt, as the country seeks closure to the Arab Spring in the form of its very own presidential elections.
An Egyptian judge has sentenced 683 people to death in mass trial, including the Muslim Brotherhood's spiritual leader. The
The Muslim Brotherhood has come out swinging against an investigation into their activities in the UK, engaging a top QC
Atheists are being defined as terrorists under a raft of new Saudi Arabian laws, a report from Human Rights Watch states
The Muslim's Brotherhood's operations in London will be probed by investigators, following allegations that leaders plotted
Journalists have been tweeting their solidarity over the imprisonment of Al Jazeera journalists, as dozens protested against
Tony Blair has thrown his weight behind Egypt's government, despite it being blamed for a bloody crackdown on dissidents