Despite the government's new guidelines calling for childminders and nannies to return to work, many are refusing to do so.
'I’ve always been told...that I look and act like Mary Poppins.'
A British nanny has legally changed her name to Mary Poppins after being likened to the fictional character by clients. Mary
Childcare in the UK is already hideously expensive... and it's going to get worse after Brexit. The UK already has amongst
Oliver also shared a photo of River's first smile.
Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools have enlisted the help of a night nurse, because the sleep deprivation following the birth
Where I live, in a fairly ordinary part of North London, a full-time childminder or nursery place can cost over £20,000. For one child. If you have two children, you're looking at nearly twice that. Childminders charge per child, as do nurseries.
We're seeing government and regulators place less and less emphasis on fostering children's emotional literacy and resilience, boosting social confidence and supporting their independence - all of which a play based-approach to learning delivers. These are vital to help children not only become school ready, but life ready, too.
To truly tackle to the number of families struggling with the cost of childcare, we need to reflect on why childcare is key.
If reports are true, William and Kate are going down the route of loyal friends as godparents, not picking useful connections or older family influencers. This couple is surely not by-the-royal-book. And the next generation of mums is watching.