A university union has banned its own students from applying to a national bank group for funding and watching six nations
Jimmy Savile's estate has been frozen in the wake of mounting sexual abuse claims. NatWest Bank, which is acting Savile's
Barclays Bank was the most complained about financial institution, racking up 23,703 complaints in a year, according to data
Part One of Huffington Post's special report into current accounts and free banking assessed why we had fallen for the fib
Consumer lobbyists Which? hit the headlines this week with its report into what it called the “myth of free banking”. It
Being in the public eye is a tricky thing, very few people remember the things you get right and everyone will remember the things you get wrong.
Millions of Nationwide customers could be left hundreds of pounds out of pocket, after a "human error" meant payments from
Ulster Bank chief executive Jim Brown has said he was turning down his annual bonus following the IT meltdown which left
Ulster Bank's chief executive has refused to rule out pocketing an annual bonus despite a systems failure leaving hundreds
With the arrival of new businesses that can do it better, faster or smarter, the incumbents need to watch out - the 'creative destruction' of the banks could be sooner than they think.