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He said Home Office is 'very sympathetic' to the post-Brexit needs of the NHS.
Earlier this year, The House of Lords passed an amendment to the Higher Education and Research Bill that would remove international students from net migration figures. True to form, the government quietly removed this amendment in a pre-election 'wash up' when the bill was sent back to the House of Commons.
Healthcare, farming and construction sectors will be hit the hardest.
So, for the third General Election in a row, the Conservatives have decided to retain the target of reducing net migration to the tens of thousands in their manifesto. When I heard the news this week, all I could think was, why though?
Net migration to the UK hit 323,000 last year, leaving the Government’s pledge to get the figure below 100,000 yet again
The five things you need to know on Wednesday December 2, 2015… 1) WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? The day of the Syria debate and vote
The bottom line here is this: the only way we can control immigration into the UK is to take back control of our borders. This means we have to stop our open-ended EU free movement of people obligations to potentially hundreds of millions of EU migrants. The only way we can do this is to leave the EU.
International students in the UK will be banned from working while they are studying, and will be forced to leave when their
David Cameron is risking “harming the economy” by making it more difficult for non-European Union immigrants to get jobs
Immigration is at its highest level since 2005, according to damning new statistics which are set to take centre stage in