Nick Griffin

This week, we learned that Mitt Romney has got binders full of women, John Bercow has got binders full of MPs claiming rental
(Back story here. Poster by David Schneider and @chigwiri. ) More TOPICALOLs: The Great British Bake Off - American Remake
Police are investigating alleged tweets from the BNP leader Nick Griffin, detailing the home address of a gay couple, which
The word 'fenian' has long been a sectarian term of abuse for Catholics in Northern Ireland. Its use is deemed to be increasingly shocking amongst many. It is a word stuffed with history, hardened down the ages.
The British National Party's subtly-named "truth truck" ground to a halt in Sunderland, after becoming wedged under a low
The solicitor for one of the nine men jailed for their part in a child sex ring has suggested BNP leader Nick Griffin had
A tweet from BNP leader Nick Griffin almost caused the trial of a group of men accused of belonging to a child sex ring to
Here are our TV picks of the week, including lots of interesting documentaries... Monday: Whitechapel - 9pm, ITV1 ITV's gritty
As of today the UK is now over £1 trillion pounds in debt. Wahey right? Woo look at us finally hitting the big 18 zeros mark
Trinity College Dublin has been forced into a U-turn on controversial plans to have British National Party (BNP) leader Nick